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Foliar Pro

FoliarPRO is a high-quality, highly refined foliar fertilizer made from a blend of exceptional, pure food-grade components. Over 95% of FoliarPRO's nutrients are recovered by the plant. It is both efficient and effective producing excellent results at a very low application cost.

What separates FoliarPRO from other fertilizers is its proprietary manufacturing process which converts the nutrients in the fertilizer into the exact form that the plant needs to immediately utilize in its cellular physiology.

FoliarPRO 9-18-9 has displayed extraordinary results for banana farmers in Colombia, South America. Field research to test the application on banana plants conducted by Segetis Consultores (2015) and the Sociedad De Agronomos De Antioquia (2016) both demonstrated a 25% increase in banana production.

Number of Boxes Filled: FoliarPRO averaged 1.37 boxes per bunch compared to non-treated plants which averaged only 1.1 boxes per bunch. That is a 25% increase!

Cluster Weight: FoliarPRO achieved the best weight averages with an increase of 22.5%! FoliarPRO averaged 25.25 kg per bunch in comparison to 20.65 kg per bunch on non-treated plants.

Number of Hands: FoliarPRO averaged 7.2 hands compared to non-treated plants, which averaged only 6.2 hands per bunch.

Download SIADA field tests.
Download Segetis field tests.

Download FoliarPRO product information: English - w/ gallon to acre application.
Download FoliarPRO product information: Spanish - w/ liter to hectare application.

Complete FoliarPRO product line includes: 9-18-9, 10-10-10, 5-15-15, 3-18-18, 18-3-3, 7-21-7, 7-12-12 and custom formulations upon request.

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