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Animal Feeds
Animal Feed
Animal Feed

AGEX offers a complete solution to meet the feed needs of any type of agricultural enterprise including poultry, dairy, equine, swine or specialty operations. We can provide Custom Rations, Total Mixed Rations, yellow corn, soybean meal and more.

Dried Bakery Products (DBP)
DBP is a high-energy, nutrient dense, highly palatable dried component for livestock feed. It has up to 15% higher energy value than yellow corn and provides a consistently high caloric value to feed. DBP is an ideal supplement to grains and fat in livestock rations.

Dried Distiller's Grain (DDG)
A high-quality, high-energy, mid-protein that is used for beef, dairy, poultry and swine feeds to provide excellent nutritional value at a reduced costs. DDG easily mixes with other ingredients in feed mills or livestock facilities.

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